Founded in 1966 by late Mr. Jasu Shah, the Jasubhai Group is in the fourth lifecycle of its entrepreneurial journey. Our First Lifecycle was with the launch of Chemical Engineering World magazine and Chemtech World Expo. Second lifecycle began with various Manufacturing JV companies in the fields of automation (Emerson Process Management, USA), Combustion Engineering (Credfeld, UK) and Material Handling Equipments (Richard Simon, UK). The launch of computer/IT magazines and Websites, Digit,, Computer Gaming World, Network Computing, marked the beginning of the third lifecycle. In the present, and the fourth lifecycle, we have made significant commitment to Manufacturing, from Aerospace & Defense, to specialized equipment for Oil & Gas.

Our Manifesto

We believe
that imagination is stronger than knowledge
and dreams are more powerful than facts.
That hope triumphs over experience
and love over everything.
That strength is the foundation of humanity
and laughter is the best antidote to civilization.

What we dare to envision, is already a reality.
All we have to do, is create it.



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