In Process Equipment Jasubhai Engineering represents some of the most reputed and technologically advanced companies in the fields of Valves and valve Automation Systems, High Pressure Instrumentation Valves, Cryogenic Valves, Compact and high technology Pneumatic Actuator Solutions, High Pressure Process Equipment’s for Fertilizer mainly Urea & Ammonia.

We represent:

  • Habonim Industrial Valves & Actuators, Israel
    Habonim has earned an international reputation for developing and manufacturing high quality ball valves, pneumatic actuators and ancillary equipment. With over 50 years of experience, the company enjoys a worldwide reputation for its qualitative, innovation and engineering expertise and offers the industry's best customized services. Habonim supplies a wide range of 3-piece and flanged ball valves as well as tailor-made solutions, generating significant cost and space savings for its customers. Habonim’s expertise in valve design means that the company can supply not only standard valves & actuators, but also complex and diverse custom-designed package solutions, for industries such as: LNG, Petrochemicals, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals. With continuing enhancement of current valve designs, together with the development of new products, Habonim offers the highest degree of sophisticated products that meet the customer's requirements

  • Schoeller Bleckmann Nitec (SBN) GMBH Germany
    SBN specializes in the manufacturing of equipments for fertilizer and petrochemical industries. It has a long established international reputation for top quality high-pressure equipment and vessels for Ammonia and Urea Plants. Right from its inception in 1862, SBN is renowned for manufacturing of Stripper, Scrubber, Pool Condenser, Pool Reactor, Urea Reactor, Carbonate Condenser, Internals, High Pressure Pipe Spool for UREA SYNTHESIS, Convertor Shell, Synthesis Loop Heat Exchanger, and Waste Heat Boiler for AMMONIA SYNTHESIS.